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Gauze weave; leno weave

has two warp thread systems: ground (basic) and skeleton ends (gauze). By means of two shaft systems - basic and skeleton-end - the skeleton-end threads are led alternately along the left- and right-hand sides of the group of basic threads. Ground threads are threaded in the basic harness only; skeleton-end threads are fed into the shaft of the basic harness and to the half-healds of the skeleton-end harness, with the use of special steel wire healds and half-healds. The skeleton-end threads are threaded under the ground and fed into the half-healds on the side opposite to that of the basic harness. Depending on the wind, we distinguish between half-wound, whole-wound, one-and-a-half-times-wound, twice-wound, and two-and-a-half-times-wound gauzes. Fabrics in g. w. are distinctive for their thick sets; they are used in fine, lightweight ladies' summer dresses and blouses, men's shirts, curtains, and for technical purposes.

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