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Instructions on how to use

For non-registered users


Main page

Returning to the main page of the selected language version of the dictionary.

Random page

Displaying a randomly selected headword.

Last changes

Displaying the history of changes in the dictionary for the last 1 to 30 days.


Displaying the help on how to use the dictionary.


Go to

Searching for the page the name (headword) of which is exactly identical with the entered text.


Searching for all the pages where the entered text occurs either in the headword or its explanation.


Links to here

A list of the links referring to the currently displayed headword.

Special sites

A set of special functions displaying e.g.:

The most frequently visited websites

The newest articles

The websites which are most frequently referred to

Orphan´s articles

In other languages

This will display the current headword in other languages.



This will display a form for the logging into the administrative part of the dictionary.


Print version

This will display the dialogue for the printing of the page.


This section contains information about the Fashion school project.

Exemption from liability

This section contains a note about the copyright and exemption from the liability for information validity and accuracy.

For registered users



The headword and its explanation will be displayed.


This will enable to edit the headword explanation. You will create a link from the existing headword explanation to another headword as follows: [[identification number of the headword| the word which we are making a link from]]

Example: [[100079|cotton]]

Number (the last bookmark on the right)

The bookmark displays the identification number of the currently displayed headword. You will use this number to create a link to this headword from the explanation of another headword.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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