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Spanish-style fashion

style of clothing of the second half of the 16th century, which expresses the violence of relations in a country marked by severity, austerity, toughness, lack of comfort and dark colours. The high collar made natural movement even more difficult. In ladies' clothing the shapes of a woman's figure were suppressed, and the smallness of the head only served to complete the overall look. The figure was held tightly in a cone-shaped corset; the skirt was also conical in shape. The petticoat was stiffened with hoops, and in addition to this a loose-fitting coat-like dress was worn. Men wore a buttoned-up chemise, also with a stand-up Spanish collar, which matched the lace ornamentation of the sleeves and shirt. Long stockings were worn with the short, padded, barrel-shaped trousers, which were much extended at the pelvis and barely reached beyond the crotch. These clothes were accessorized with a wide, stiffened silk coat, which was not fastened.


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