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Whole Piece Defects

Defect occurring along the whole length of a flat fabric. Nepiness - occurrence of clusters of several elementary threads on a fabric surface. Scutchness, stams, peeling - occurrence of scutch, stems or peeling. Inclining - narrow threads are not parallel to the other threads. Puckered fabric - fabric does not lay flat on a plane surface due to unequal thread distortion in the fabric. Neegality colouring - /uneven colours/ may occur on damaged or not sufficiently prepared spots of fabric or with improper surface and production during dying. Local neegality - light and dark spots of various nature. Regional diversity - the difference in intensity of colours in the intensity of coloration between the window and fabric centre. Stripeness -there are light or dark stripes on the fabric in both longitudinal and lateral direction, mostly it is caused by mixing various types of yarn types. Bronze plating - a defect of product colouring providing a sort of metallic shade from various sides. Metamery - significant change of shade under various types of lightning. I is usually caused by choice or improper colour that consists of the requested shade. Staining - mutual staining of neighbouring colour areas. Mangy print - large areas of unprinted or faintly printed spots usually on larger areas of a fabric. Moiré - undesirable marbleized appearance of a fabric surface. Splotted - light staining on a large areas of fabric surface. Unengrained fabric - at spots of interlacing positions the fabric is not dyed or the fabric contains undesirable unengrained fibres. Defective goffering effect - goffering relief is uneven or significantly different from other surface.

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