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Yarn counting (2)

indicator of yarn fineness which gives information on either the weight of a unit length of yarn (i.e. direct counting), or the length of the yarn by unit weight (i.e. indirect counting). 1. direct count a) Ttex - direct, decimal counting, giving yarn weight in grammes with a length of 1000m (25 tex shows that a yarn with a length of 1000m has a weight of 25 g). The Ttex system was introduced by the international ISO organization as a unified system for the indication of the weight by length of fibres, silks, tows, slivers, straps and yarns. (This system is also used in the Czech and Slovak Republics.) In addition to tex units, indicators are used for purposes of multiplication and division: kilotex (ktex), de-cite (dtex) and militex (mtex), b) Tden - so-called legal counting, commonly used within the Ttex system for chemical staple fibres and continuous filament(silk). This gives the weight of a fibre or yarn in grammes at a length of 9000m.

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